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Sandboxie protects your system and isolates all the changes performed to it
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There are many programs to improve our computer’s security while surfing the Internet and to prevent security problems that could affect the rest of the system, though most are designed to operate with a specific browser. Sandboxie protects your system whatever the browser you are using. In fact, Sandboxie not only works with browsers but with any program; and isolates all the changes performed to the system so that you can delete them all at once when you finish that program.

The concept underlying Sandboxie is to allow the reading of the hard disk, while the writing is not performed on the original file, but on a temporary copy. Sandboxie creates a "virtual space" in the hard disk, where it 'writes' the different programs. In this way, viruses, trojans and other threats that circulate on the Internet stay within this sealed compartment and have no access to the rest of the disc. Thus, any changes performed by the program can be discarded later without affecting the system. This “virtual drive” lets you even install applications to try them. If files or applications are OK, you can draw them from the 'sandbox' and implement the final changes to your hard drive.

If you run your browser under Sandboxie, any software installation attempt, either through a security breach or voluntarily, is saved only in the "sandbox", where you can discard it later, if it is malicious or undesired software. This also works with a mail client, but in this case you must indicate where are the saved mail files, in order for Sandboxie to make an exception and allow saving them, otherwise you would lose the mail you download.

If you run a text editor under Sandboxie, you could read a file from the disk and edit it, but when you save it, the new content will not replace the previous one, but would stay in the temporary area: the so-called "sandbox". This temporary content can be retrieved easily to be implemented on a permanent basis. If we do not that, the file will remain with its original contents as if nobody had changed it.

Sandboxie resides in the system tray, and when you want to start an “isolated” session, you simply have to run the program from the tray icon.

Sergio A. Durán
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